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My journey into Burning Man’s TEMPLE. An audio documentary and feature story for KALW and THE INTERSECTION.

If the wooden man effigy represents Burning Man’s comic and cosmic core, the Temple is its heart and soul. A place where people come to honor and grieve, Burning Man’s Temple has become a potent and sacred space in the middle of nowhere — a pilgrimage of loss, praise, and release. Moving beyond physical and metaphorical art, something unusual emerges from this temporary desert space.

1 reply on “REVELRY meets REVERENCE”

I just listened to the podcast episode and wanted to thank you and congratulate you. You captured and shared the Temple and what it means to the community clearly, movingly, accurately and eloquently. I am most impressed that you shared your own journey. Your vulnerability and bravery in sharing your personal story and how the Temple was part of it communicated the true essence of what we’re doing there in a way that nothing else would have. Thank you for that – you’re amazing.

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