Business Trip

Role: Producer, Editor, and Engineer

For thousands of years, psychedelics have been used in sacred healing rituals by indigenous peoples; and now, all of the sudden, these medicines are having a comeback — a renaissance if you will — in Western culture. With taboo and stigma dissipating, psychedelic therapy is being pegged as a psychiatric revolution that will address society’s biggest mental health issues. We’re talking about depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction. Even neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are being researched and treated with psychedelic drugs — and the results are promising. This has opened the door for a new crop of entrepreneurs that are building businesses ranging from biotech companies developing novel compounds, to clinics and retreats for healing, to software and artificial intelligence. And with that, a psychedelic industry of passionate and thoughtful people is forming.

But mixing psychedelics and capitalism is a delicate combination.

We’re interested to know: how do you build a successful psychedelic company? And how will companies balance healing people (and society?) while also meeting investor returns?

Business Trip tells the story of the emerging field of psychedelics. Each episode features a new company that is building out the strange and wild industry of psychedelics.